Tales of Arise Owl Locations (Everything You Need to Know)

Tales of Arise is a game about finding different types of owls. There are three different owl locations in the game. The first two are in the NeviraSnowplains and the Trench of Flames. In addition to these locations, there are many others as well.

The Wonderful Locations Of Tales of Arise Owl

All owls

In Tales of Arise, catching Dahnan Owls can earn you a number of cosmetic rewards. These owls can be found in both indoor and outdoor locations. To unlock the Owl Scouter and Owl Spotter trophies, you will need to collect at least 13 of them. Find these owls at the locations below. The owls will fly away once you talk to them. You can also examine them for Devil Wings.

The first of the five owl locations is in the Sandinus area, near the end of the bridge leading into Ulzebek. The second owl can be found on the balcony of the right-most house. Finally, the third owl is located on a wall that can be climbed.

You can find up to 38 different owls in Tales of Arise. Six of them are unmissable after you find Reba, but there are also several missable ones. Taking care to find all of these owls will earn you a number of different trophies and outfit pieces. The owl location guide will help you find all of them as fast as possible.

All Owls In NeviraSnowplains

Owls can be found in various locations in Tales of Awaken. Each owl’s location is marked by a distinctive hoot and will indicate when you have unlocked it. The Pet owls resemble their environment and can be found in hiding spots or hidden baskets. You can find several different owl locations in the NeviraSnowplains to earn special items and bonuses.

You can find owls near the river in Cysloden Alley, next to a large stone arch. It is also possible to find an owl on a bookcase inside the Riville Prison Tower. You can also find one on a tree in the field next to a horse stable. Owls can also be found near a stone arch in the southeast corner of the Tietal Plain.

In the northern part of the NeviraSnowplains, the Owl can be found on a small island. You will need to kill the boss in the area before the owl can spawn. You will receive a Wolf Tail and a pair of sunglasses as rewards.

All Owls In Trench Of Flames

In Tales of Awaken, you can find owl locations at various points around the world. You can find them near the castle gate, the top of a house in Ulzebek, or even on the roof of a house in the southern part of the game. Whether you’re looking for the last owl or just want to try your luck in a different way, these owl locations in Trench of Flame’s map are worth a look.

The Uninhabited Island: After defeating the boss in the first area, you can search for the owl on this island. You can find him near the dilapidated house, on a pile of debris. You can also find him near the Gates of Fire, behind the metal meshing and the fast travel point.

The Owl Forest: The Owl Forest contains 38 locations where you can find the owls. You will have to return them to the Owl Forest to get the rewards of cosmetics and artifacts. It will take some time to collect all 38 owls, as some are hidden in unseen places. But the rewards are well worth the effort. When you collect all of them, you’ll have an abundance of valuable items and useful items.

All Owls In Cysloden Alley

The owl locations in Tales of Arise can be difficult to find. Once you find them, you can earn new costumes and an exclusive title for Rinwell. While searching for the owls, listen out for their hooting sounds. When you are close to them, Hootle will fly around your head and make an exaggerated hooting sound.

The owl can be found in several different locations in Cysloden. It can be found on the bookcase in the Prison Tower, on the leafless tree near the lake, and on top of a mini stable. The owl can also be found in the marketplace, in the marketplace, and near the mini stable.

If you are going to visit Cyslodia, you will find two owls – the standard and the special owl. You can also find owls in the Frozen Valley, near the bridge to the Upper Level of the Safar Sea Cave. Owls in Menancia are a brown or beige color and can be found in trees near the campfire.

All Owls In Riville Prison Tower

In Tales of Arise, you can find several owls. Some of the locations are the Hidden Chamber, Del Fharis Castle, and Autelina Palace. However, you must first complete the game story to find these locations. The owls appear in different areas, and you must find them all before you can unlock their stories.

The first location of the owl is on the southeast side of the floor, near a bookshelf. You have to battle various enemies to reach it. Another location is near the bridge, in the tree. You can also find the owl in the Iglia Wastes.

The other two locations are in the northern part of the island. If you don’t explore all the areas, you may miss the owl. If you don’t explore this area, the owl is in a tree. Those who are familiar with the Iglia Wastes will find the owl on a small outcropping.

The next two owl locations in Riville Prison Tower are in the Tuah Seashore. These locations are part of the Beyond the Grave quest and are not marked on the map. You must first defeat the boss in Tuah Seashore before you can reach this area. Once you’ve completed the boss, you can then find the owl.

All owls In Lavtu Marshlands

The Lavtu Marshlands is an area in Tales of Arise where you can find the owl. The owl is found in the southern part of the area, near the treasure chest. You can talk to the owl and receive the Swirly Glasses. There are six different locations where you can find the owl in Tales of Arise.

The owl location in Lavtu Marshlands can be reached by climbing numerous surfaces. The owl is located on the wall above the climbable leaves on the top surface. This location is also part of the Beyond the Grave sub-quest. It can only be accessed after beating the fifth lord in Del Fharis Castle.

The other owl location is near Mosgul. You can also find the owl near the Trench of Flames. The last owl location is near the Gates of Fire. The owl can also be found in the 4F Central Entrance Plaza.

There are several owl locations in Lavtu. You can find a few in small trees. Another owl location can be found in the northern part of the map, near the entrance of the Shinefall Woods. You can also find a single owl in the northernmost area of the map, underneath a large fire.

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